The Top 10 Digital Marketing Stats Of The Week

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Stats Of The Week

Since ecommerce platforms and online businesses have taken the entire business world by storm, it has kept on changing and improving. Marketing no longer just equates flyers and brochures, but also Facebook posts and Google ads. To answer the need for new information on digital marketing needs every so often, we give you the top 10 digital marketing stats of the week. Learn more about How to Sell Online

  1. 59% of beauty and fashion brands are bound to increase influential marketing budget this year.
  2. Email subject lines containing swearing actually increases open rates at 28.6%. The key point here is that the almost 30% increase in open rates apply only to Brits. Americans have been discovered to react negatively.
  3. 58% of UK CX professionals believe that voice of customer programs wouldn’t really meet expectations. 36% of the same group believes their organization is not really concerned in delivering high quality customer experience, but only in improving their scores.
  4. Twitter lost its popularity to Instagram at London Fashion Week. There were a total of 5,602 Instagram posts with the hashtag #LFW2016, as compared to just 1,178 Twitter mentions.
  5. 6 out of 10 shoppers will replace retailers who won’t be able to fulfil digital needs. 8 out of 10 actually prefer to buy online and have their items shipped to their homes.
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  7. There is a 14% growth of YoY for online sales. This is double the increase recorded at the same time last year.
  8. Mobile media and live streaming video prove best for client engagement.Another key finding on this statistic is that mobile full page ads are most ideal on tablets.
  9. Adults have an average of 6 social media accounts. However, 93% of adults are reported to have at least one account, and engage with 3.5 of them at once.
  10. The top 5 performing ad categories include sports and fitness and travel. The top performing is sports and fitness, followed by entertainment (DVD release).
  11. Around these days in 1985, Coca-Cola launched Cherry Coke. That product is said to one of the most inspiring digital marketing campaigns of all time.
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We still have a lot to expect on the digital marketing world this year. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be an exciting and deeply entertaining insight for all the internet marketing nuts.Learn more Magento

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