The best 10 Magento Extensions

The best 10 Magento Extensions

Extensions and add-ons are necessary features of every online business platform. In any eCommerce platform, extensions add appeal and keep customers coming, and may also determine their future visits to the site. Numerous Magento extensions are available in the market, and they vary in use, price, and functionality. Ecommerce Platforms The roles of extensions are as follows;

Must-have Magento Extensions


There has been a spike in the number of online cons today. This makes most people cautious before they purchase goods online. Yotpo enables business owners to request reviews from the clients they have served. Potential customers can then read these reviews before they make a purchase.


As a business person, you need to understand that products have different prices because there are several considerations that always need to be taken into account. These factors include the destination, weight of the product, number of items purchased, location of the customer and the Zip Code numerical ranges. This extension helps you set accurate shipping costs depending on the factors you would like to consider.

Magento WordPress Integration

For a merchant with a blog and selling products on the Magento website, this is the perfect extension to use. There are many variations, but Fishpig produces china cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale the most popular one. The extension helps you integrate a WordPress blog and a Magento online store. Learn more about wix

One Page Checkout

During the purchase of goods from a Magento online store, you need to complete six steps. This extension helps in simplifying the checkout process into one step. It also allows the merchant to assist the customer in completing the checkout process.


MageMonkey helps with the integration of MailChimp with Magento. It assists the merchant to communicate with their customers more effectively. It sends reminders about abandoned carts, birthday wishes, and responds to customers upon completion of a transaction.


For every business savvy online store owner, one of the most significant add-ons in Magento is the AddShopper. It helps you to include social icons in their product to allow customers to post on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This will increase awareness on your online store and will keep you posted on the number of times your product has wholesale jerseys cheapest been shared and allow you to keep records on the items which generate the highest revenue.


This extension allows you to create an original blog on the Magento online store that assists you to inform others about your company, new products, and promotions within the store. It will also help drive traffic to your online store.

Address Label Printing

Another essential extension is the Address Label Printing by Cubix. It allows you to print the address labels from the admin panel and gives the merchant the opportunity to choose the label’s layout, data in the label, and the size.


Fooman is a Magento extension that’s necessary to Henrik Lundqvist jersey wholesale assist you to keep track of your documents such as memos, shipment notes, and invoices. Fooman ensures they are numbered well for easy location.

Related Product Manager

The Related product Manager extension helps a customer identify the related products within your Magento online store. It works by bringing up up-sells, cross-sells and products related to those a customer has purchased in the past. In case Your Magento online store has none of the similar products, it brings up products that are related to those previously purchased.


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